Tuesday, May 21, 2013

>> Mile High (Up In The Air) (Volume 2) Big SALE

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Mile High is just as brilliant as In Flight but was doused with more passion than the first. Lilley lets you get to know the characters more in this book; their background, their growing feelings for each other, and just how deep that possessive streak runs...for both of them (which I loved.) I loved the fact that with every scene, our duo grows stronger together. Their love is slowly building; they are opening up to each other more. I started seeing them more as a couple than an agreement that was made in the first book. There is a more sweeter, romantic side to James that made my heart pitter-patter and Bianca is finally realizing her heart can actually love.

I enjoyed the side story of Stephan in this book. He is a great character and Lilley was able to bring him in more as a detailed character with his new love life. It gives me hope that maybe (cross your fingers) this series might have a happy ending for everyone.

Sexy, sexy James and beautiful...

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Mile High (Up In The Air) (Volume 2)

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