Sunday, May 5, 2013

^ Fight With Me (With Me In Seattle) (Volume 2) Deals

Left Me Sad and Depressed
I thought I was lucky to get Fight With Me and Come Away With Me for .99 each one day and quickly downloaded both. I now believe that there is something like TOO MUCH sex for a book. I compare it to eating Oreo's. The first two are delicious, but the more you eat, the more nauseous you get - no matter the variety of ways you try to eat them. Nate and Julianne go at it like rabbits and honestly, it is not love, just lust that is based on nothing but looks.

Nate and Julianne are playboy beautiful, rich, smart, exceedingly athletic, beautiful, rich, beautiful, athletic, beautiful. Did I say they are perfect in most ways the common folk are not? They are UNBELIEVABLY blessed physically, financially, mentally, etc. There is just no way to identify with these two, especially Jules who has an several orgasms EVERYTIME she and Nate go at it and that is AT LEAST three times a day. She is Wonder Woman. I was starting to get bored when these two were together no matter how...

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Fight With Me (With Me In Seattle) (Volume 2)

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