Friday, May 10, 2013

~ It Happened at the Fair: A Novel Big SALE

OK, but not my favorite Gist book.
So I just finished the book today and am a bit underwhelmed ...but let me explain: there were definite, sweet moments in the book I really enjoyed, but in between those moments I found myself somewhat bored*forgive me*. I own and have read all of Deeane's other books and thoroughly enjoyed them all (I think A Bride in the Bargain or Maid to Match are my favorites of hers though) and for some reason this just didn't measure up the same for me. I hate to say that because it is obvious a lot of time and research went into this book, and you can really feel this was one magnificent event in our history. That being said, I guess I felt like a lost tourist at times.

The main characters are good but I got frustrated with them at the end *SPOILER ALERT* it seemed to go from 5 to 100 in the romantic department the last few chapters. Don't get me wrong, I like romance, but it was so much so quickly I rolled my eyes and could hardly recognize the characters for all the sudden,...

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It Happened at the Fair: A Novel

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