Tuesday, May 7, 2013

~ And Then She Fell (Cynster Sisters Duo) Deals

Where Stephanie Laurens Has Gone Wrong
Two and one-half stars.

I used to be a huge Laurens fan and I have read all of her books at least once and many multiple times. Her novels were always so strong: she's a great wordsmith, can pull you into Regency life like no other, can elicit wonderful emotion and she used to draw great characters. However, her last several books have lost their dramatic tension and her characters have devolved into the same old characters in every other romance novel.

One reason there is no dramatic tension in her latest novel is that there is no real conflict between the protagonists. In Then She Fell, the characters both want to marry; they find each other attractive and respect each other. Nothing to keep them apart except for their fear of admitting their feelings to each other. Junior high stuff. In fact, Laurens can't stretch the "boy-chases-girl, boy-gets-girl" part longer than the first half of the novel.

The reason for the lack of tension in Laurens' more...

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